Road to Madison Throwdown

Road to Madison Throwdown

Event Divisions:

  • Rx Team Female

  • Scaled Team Male

  • Rx Team Male

  • Scaled Team Female

Event Details

Road to Madison Throwdown is a "competition" fundraiser to raise money for  Team CrossFit Billings as they head out to Madison for The CrossFit Games.  The date of the Competition is Friday June 29th at 5:30pm.  This will be a same sex pairs competition with RX and scaled divisions. Registration fee will be $55.00 per team with an option to donate extra if they would like. Every team will have a guarantee of multiple workouts!  Prizes will be given to top three Rx and Scaled teams, $100 for 1st Place Rx, $50 2nd Place Rx, Prize bag for 3rd Place Rx. Scaled Teams will receive Prize bags.  

Rx Standards:

There will be no Muscles ups... Rx must be able to do HSPUs, 225/155 DL, and pullups

Scaled Standards:

Scaled Teams will need to be able to do 135/95 DL, Rx jumping pullups (bar at wrist)

For more info please email us at or call 503-910-7143

Event WODS

Event 1

3 Rounds For Time Row 30 cals/ 20 cals * each rowing together 21-15-9 Partner Deadlift RX: 340/240 Scale: 250/150

Event 2

RX: 3min AMRAP HSPUs *1 partner works other hold HS Scaled: 3min AMRAP Burpees to plate *1 person works other hangs from rig

Event Info:

Road to Madison Throwdown

Date: June 29, 2018

Location: 1428 Grand Ave, Billings MT

Registration: $55.00




Reg Deadline Passed


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